Saturday, October 24, 2009

A day in a life of a person

on my way to town, this view has attracted me

a common view here,i found out as there are quite a lot of similar type of roof here

can you see the chair above the boat?
can you guess what is it for?

an amusing view?

a window of candies....

a hideout from chaos

a sorrow evening, luckily it didn't rain during my adventure

from the eye of the occupent of the attic

sea shells anyone???

tree, i guess you can see

can you figure out what this is?

the end.

Friday, October 16, 2009

For those whom i really care

just wanna tell those who do care for me that i will always care for u even though i may not show it in any obvious way...
especially dedicated to my family...
i luv u guys no matter what happen or what i did or what i said
this fact will remain forever,ever,ever...
like this song from Miley Cyrus-Right here


Hannah Montana Lyrics

Thursday, October 15, 2009

When it is wrong,is it wrong....

i actually seen this flower on my way home from has nothing to do with my life today but just snap me out from my blues today. make me realise all the small thing that i should always appreciate.anyway, i don't know what's wrong with myself today.....
i feel so hollow and sorrow out of reason and it feel so....

and i really can't figure it out so

is it a sign of depression due to the weather change???

don't tell me a month in an alien land is enough to turn my world upside down.
i'm not ready yet to be crazy,too many things that i haven't discover using this beatiful mind of mine

now in my mind it's like being in a middle of nowhere with only

 directions to go.


but really i feel much better by the time i write this