Sunday, February 21, 2010

An act of selfishness...

do you ever like something in your life?
things that you wanted them to be there for you all the time whenever you want it to
let me make a confession...i do like things
some things that are made of parts so that it will become one
and these parts are very vital to the things that i like
however when time goes by, concequencess also pass by
it's like when you have a jigsaw puzzle that is absolutely meant to be together
but the pieces don't fit into their own part anymore....
how come????
how can this happen????
if it a piece from the puzzle it has to fit in, right?
now that a thought had come to me
now, i think whether the piece fit or not into the place doesn't mean that it doesn't belong to the place that it is suppose to be, neither give us the right to force it to goes into its place
for the matter, if we push the piece too hard it might bring damage to it
then it would not be the same
in many cases new piece of the same one can be attain to fit in the space
it might be the same look, colour  and size
but i believe in individuality
everything is one an only no two things are the same
no matter what they are or where they come from
but still, coming back to our reluctant piece of puzzle
damaging it will not bring any benefit to us nor to the piece it self
so should i just let the picture incomplete....
the truth is...i am not so sure myself
however, no matter what it is
i think if i am going to hope and believe that the piece should carry upon its duty to fill in its own place to complete the whole picture without taking its condition into judgement
that will certainly make me a selfish person.
because i want it to fit in for my pleasure
because it is me who want to see the picture
because it is i that think if the piece goes to its place, it will make the picture complete
but for what does the picture need to be completed
for what urgency????
therefore as i rest my case
i think i wouldn't want to be a FANatic of things
if the situation changes and it brings us to a whole new direction
whether we like it or not
we just have to deal with it
this is because a broken part is of the value of  no part at all
it's either the picture is complete or you just have to satisfy with what you got
life is not static
though we all go in a circle, which bring us back to where we begin
along the way as we move on, we changed for sure
so with this, i concluded that
if your path bring you to another way and you must take it to be better
i will just let you go,though it may be hard for me
but if keeping you together is nothing more for my own  benefit rather than ours
i'd rather let you go than being selfish

Monday, February 1, 2010

don't even bother to think about it.
doesn't matter anyway
won't happen anymore